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Inka Jungle Trail Food


Inka Jungle Trail Food Service

Besides the Inka trail Treks Peru is famous throughout South America for its food, during  the whole 4 days and 3 nights on the Inka Jungle Trek  we will find the excellent places to eat  on the Santa maria first day on the Inka Jungle trail , Second day Quellomayo place as well as the thrid day in Inka Racay that is very recomemded on lonely planet we always  provide you with an incredible variety (Quality and quantity) of dishes + you eat as much as you like!!

*Vegetarian/special diet options are available on request as free

Box Lunch in the first day on Huamam marka Inca's Place:

Inka Jungle Trail Box Lunch first day

Breakfast (Day 2 & Day 3) :toast, butter, jam, pancakes, fruit salad,

The Lunch  & Dinner ( soup, garlic bread, lomo saltado, rice, soy meat, vegetables and sparragut appetizer. Drinks:herbal teas (chamomile, lemon grass or simply traditional coca tea).

Inka Jungle Trail food lunch,dinner,breakfast

The Lunch appetizer is a deliciuos  quinua soup, steak, beans, salad, weat, sweet potatoes and garlic bread.Drinks: maracuya juice, selection of herbal teas (chamomile, lemon grass or simply traditional coca tea).

Dinner (19:30) A deliciuos spaghetti with 2 different sauces, vegetables soup, desert (chocolate pudin)

Drink: chamomille recommended (helps you to sleep), black tea, coca tea, etc.

hot cup of tea (chamomille) or any oth

er kind of tea. Good night!

Another amazing supper! meat, rollled chiken with beatifull dreasings, pasta, russian

Food Dinner and Lunch

 salad, slices of peach, jelly + wine!!!

chocolate, tea, etc, etc and of cou

rse is time to play cards!!

luch; this is usually power bar and a fruit; biscuits and another fruit, etc

*Vegetarian/special diet options are available on request